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Guaranteed comfort and safety
Experienced guides
Experienced guides
Each of our guide spent hundreds of excursions and knows everything about Kamchatka. Guides will take care that you were interested, and the road was easy. You are safe with them.
Maximum safety
Maximum safety
When entering the route, all groups are registered in the Search and Rescue Unit of the Kamchatka Territory. The insurance amount (payment for emergency medical care) is 1 000 000 ₽.
Reliable transportation
Reliable transportation
We only select verified and licensed transportation service providers. Travel in comfort.
Why "Taste of Kamchatka"?
What is it, taste?
Tart, salty, hot, warming or refreshing!
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With the aromas of the ocean, breathing eternity, dog rose, and bird cherry.
The snowy coolness mixed with the resinous aroma of alder elfin wood and the rejuvenating aroma of the shalomain. The taste of Kamchatka is the romance of dusty roads and alder jungle.

This is the absence of annoying communication with the big world. Only in this way, without worries about your phone, you can hear the sound of the ocean wave, the turbulence of geysers, the roar of the earth in the mouth of a volcano. Gulls screams ....

Only by tearing your eyes off the monitor screen you will see black sand, sheer cliffs and a vast ocean. No camera can convey the true beauty of nature.

The taste of Kamchatka is a taste for life!
Live with taste!

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Shkunova <br>Oksana Vladimirovna
Oksana Vladimirovna
Director of the company
"Taste of Kamchatka"
Stop your choice on the “Taste of Kamchatka”
  • Our author programs are pleasant not only for the mind, but also for the heart
  • The time spent with us will be filled for you with joy and vivid impressions
  • You will give up everyday rush and plunge into the atmosphere of carefree live communication
  • We will surround you with care and attention
  • You will learn a lot about Kamchatka and love it as we love it
  • We ensure your safety and comfort
  • We love you!
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Kamchatka tour operators do not include airfare to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Just because tourists fly to us from completely different directions.

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Forward to the edge of the earth!

Kamchatka is beautiful. There are volcanoes and bears, delicious fish and interesting people. It's time to see it all with my own eyes. Harsh hiking with a backpack or a quiet vacation in a tourist cottage - the choice for you.

And we will make you remember this journey for years with warmth and joy. We are waiting for you where Russia begins!

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